Jan 7, 2010

Day 15 : Manly Beach!

I was really looking forward to this day, as we were going to the beach! Manly Beach, not Bondi though :( We had to take a ferry there from Circular Quay, and it was a really nice experience :)

When we got there, we cycled around for a bit, and most of the pictures can be found on my Facebook, so yeah. Call me lazy, I don't care :p

On the ferry

View from the ferry

The city horizon. Aww shucks.

Welcome to Manly :)

Jan 6, 2010

Day 14 : The Sydney Explorer

On Monday (6th Jan), Sam and I got up late. We were supposed to leave the house at about 9 or so so that we could do more. The plan was to buy a Sydney Explorer Bus ticket and travel to some of the 27 stops of the bus. Sam and I got on at QVB, and we got down at the Powerhouse Museum first. I absolutely loved it! I wish I brought my dad with me though. He would have loved it too :D

After and hour plus there, we got back on the bus and went to Luna Park, a theme park near the Sydney Bridge. We spent AUD45 each on tickets for all the rides. And I seriously had a lot of fun. I felt like a kid again :p

Complete with 70's music :)

Hello, I'm normal :)

Almost every ride made me dizzy :O

Not all pictures were uploaded, there were simply too many, sorry :x

Jan 3, 2010

Day 13 : Banarama

On this day, I woke up with motivation! We were going to have pancakes at The Rocks. We (Sam, Isabel, Jed, Bec and I) all left the house early with empty stomachs to the city. The plan was, Jed would go to Campton Theater and register us for the cheap tickets to the play, WICKED and then meet up with us later at The Rocks. About 20 minutes later, he calls and say we have to be there since the draw for the tickets was at 11. The time then was 10.45. So we had 15 minutes to get off the bus, get on a new one, go back about 2 kilometers in traffic and run to the theater. And we made it exactly at 11 :) But we didn't get the tickets though. The regular tickets were like AUD50+ each so yeah.

We took a shuttle down to Circular Quay (pronounced as Key), an then went for the most awesome pancakes I ever had. Had to line up for it okay, no joke.


The Bananarama. Pancakes with ice cream and banana topped with butterscotch sauce. My guilty pleasure.

Chocolate and Vanilla Surprise. Chocolate and plain pancakes with chocolate and vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate sauce and chips.

The Mexicana. Crepe with salsa sauce and veggies.

Regular pancakes with bacon :D

I have a sad face on cause I didn't finish my pancakes while Sam did :p

Later we went to the Museum of Contemporary Arts, which mainly showed Australian Aboriginal art which was really cool. Wasn't allowed to take pictures there though.

Oh, I went to church with Bec in the evening. Met some really nice people. Was an experience I guess :)
Ended the night with a game of boring Monopoly while having fried churros dipped in chocolate sauce :D

Day 12 : Mountains Animal Hospital

On 2nd January 2010, I followed my cousin to the animal hospital where she works. It's at the Blue Mountains, just not all the way to the top. It was a 40 minute drive from where we live, but I had fun looking at the Australian highways.

I pretty much babysat, walked about 20 dogs, and cleaned out cat cages. Had a lot of scratches but that's okay.

Pipa, the 11 year old dog with a dislocated hip.

The kittens which I secretly named Vodka and Smell. Haha.

Bonnie, the boss's baby :D

I would have taken more pictures but I was too lazy, sorry :p
Oh and we had magnificent Indian for dinner.

Day 11 : Day 1 of 2010

So, on the 1st of January, we went to Newtown, and had really good Thai for lunch.
Newtown is pretty cool, there was this huge vintage bookshop which sold books for really cheap but I didn't get anything coz I just couldn't decide.
Then we went to Broadway (again -_-) and bought some groceries.

Ironically, it's the first day of the New Year but it was a pretty average day for me. No photos for today, sorry :p

Day 10 : Out with the 9, in with the 10!


The 10th day I was here was NYE! Earlier in the day, Sam and I just spent the time lazing at home while waiting for my cousin to come home from work. When she did, we took a bus down to town just for some Korean dinner. We didn't stay for the fireworks because it was definitely going to be soo crazy. I read later that there were 1.5 million people in the city that night. I wouldn't want to be drowned in that sea of people, no siree. They closed the major road, so we had to walk for a bit. But it's all I do here anyway. Walk, walk, walk.

So instead of watching the fireworks there, we went back home, changed into comfortable clothes then walked to the park near Glebe. It was full there too! Everyone was sitting on the grass waiting to the new year. We had a view of the two bridges in Sydney, so it was a really really good view.

The fireworks, ignore the photography :(

My cousin, her boyfriend and her dog.

I apologise that all the photography is just utterly horrible :(

Dec 30, 2009

Day 8 & 9

I didn't take any pictures during these two days.
On Day 9, we took a bus back to Glebe coz dad was leaving to Gold Coast already. Sam, Kim, Beck, Bryce and I took a bus to Darling Harbour again. We watched another street performer who insulted almost the whole world. He called us bloody Malaysians but he could count to five in Malay. Only Sam and I laughed in the whole crowd.
Rented My Sister's Keeper and The Ugly Truth while having pasta for dinner.

On Day 10, I got up really early, but fell asleep again once my cousin went to work.
Sam and I went to Broadway Mall again, spent a little money there and came home. I've pretty much been spending the rest of the day updating this blog :)